Google Webmaster Star wars Day 4th May 2019

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Webmaster Star wars in webmaster

Google Webmaster Star Wars Day May the 4th Be with you

Celebrate your Star Wars fandom with us today May the 4th, th eofficial Star Wars holiday!

Join the resistance against the Empire, or maybe just keep a lookout for Star Wars references.

You can join or leave this universe by clicking the buttion at the top of the screen.

May the 4th be with you!

Webmaster Star Wars Day May 2019

How to Join Google Webmaster Star Wars Day May 4thː

  1. Go to Webmaster >> Click on New Console
  2. Go to Right Top option Star Wars Day
  3. Tap on This Option
  4. Wait for 4th May 2019
  5. Something Special come into Google Webmaster

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