Ola Wheels fares starting at Rs 49

Ola Wheels fares starting at Rs 49

Ola Wheels fares starting at Rs 49


He’s here!
Visit www.OlaWheels.Com for more.


The future of mobility is finally here. Imagine never having to walk to that
cafeteria in your business park. Imagine the best travel companion who is
more obsessed about you than your dog. Imagine wheeling around
everywhere simply because… now you can!

Call Wheels

Wheels is integrated into the Ola App. Just open the “Wheels” icon on the Ola app which will appear if you open the app. Even though he is still in Beta, we have covered a large number of corporate business zones for now are looking to expand this very soon.

Inside Wheels

We made sure the
experience is
amazingly seamless

The Wheels initiative is the cherry on the cake for our core experiences. We have made it as seamless as the Ola app if not more. Wheels will come up the moment you are in a Wheels Zone.
Furthermore, Wheels revolves around you. So regardless of different Wheel rides. The experience you will have will always have a recall because of the new Personality Processing Chipset.