Oxigen Wallet Referral Code : Refer and Earn

Oxigen Wallet Referral Code : Refer and Earn

Download Oxigen Wallet and Refer your friends and Earn Oxigen Wallet per Referral Rs 10 when he completes transaction of Rs 100 or More than they will be instantly credited Rs 10 in your wallet

Oxigen Wallet Referral Code :


Oxigen Wallet Referral Code Comment Below
Using Referral Code Get Free Rs 100
Earn per Referral Rs 100
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Oxigen Wallet Referral Code : Refer and Earn

Oxigen Wallet like Paytm and Payumoney secure way of making online payments

How to Oxigen Wallet Refer and Earn :-

  1. Download Oxigen Wallet App
  2. Sign up or Login to your Oxigen wallet account
  3. Select “Refer a Friend” Option
  4. Fill mobile number or email id of your friend and click on ‘submit’ button.
  5. Your friend will receive unique referral code.
  6. Ask him to open new account on oxigen wallet using that code.
  7. When he completes transaction of 100 Rs or more, 10 Rs will be instantly credited to your wallet.


1. What is referral code? Is it mandatory for signing up?

Referral code is an 8 digit alphanumeric code that is sent to the mobile number/email id that is referred on Oxigen Wallet.

If someone refers you on Oxigen Wallet, you will receive this 8 digit alphanumeric referral code on your mobile number/email id. Comment on Blog. When you sign up for Oxigen Wallet, please enter this code as it will help us identify who has referred you on Oxigen Wallet.

In case you do not have a referral code or your referral code has expired, you can sign up without this code. You can leave the referral code field blank and sign up normally.

2. How do I refer a friend/ how to refer using mobile number/ email id?

If you want to refer a friend on Oxigen Wallet,

  • Please visit www.oxigenwallet.com or launch app
  • On the My Account page of website, click on Refer a friend option. On the app click on Refer a friend option present on the Right Slider
  • Enter your friend’s mobile number/email id. You can refer up to 3 mobile number / 3 email ids at a time
  • 8 digit alphanumeric referral code will be sent to the mobile number/email id that you refer
  • Once your friend signs up on Oxigen Wallet and does Rs. 100 worth of recharge(s) within a month of opening his wallet, Rs. 10 will be credited to your Oxigen Wallet

3. How many friends can I refer? Is there any limit?

At a time you can refer only 3 friends. However you can do a total of 100 referrals i.e. total number of sign ups referred by you cannot be more than 100. You can choose to do it in a day or in a month.. E.g. if you have referred to 100 different individuals and none of them sign up, you can still refer to 100 different individuals.

4. I tried to refer a number/ ID, however it didn’t happen. Why?

  • If you have tried to refer a friend and it did not happen, it could be due to any of the following reasons:
  • The number you referred is already registered with Oxigen Wallet
  • You cannot refer to the same number within 7days, unless the 8digit alphanumeric code sent to that number expires
  • You have referred the same number thrice. If the referred person does not sign up even after 3 referrals, you cannot refer him/her again

5. How/when do I get the money for referral?

Once you refer a friend on Oxigen Wallet and your friend signs up, you will receive Rs. 10 per referral only after your friend does Rs. 100 worth of recharge(s) on Oxigen Wallet within a month of opening the wallet

6. I referred my friends but did not receive any money in wallet. Why?

If you have referred a friend and have not received money in wallet, it could be for any of the following reasons:

  • Your friend didn’t sign up on Oxigen Wallet
  • Your friend signed up, but did not do Rs. 100 worth of rechare(s) within a month of opening wallet
  • If your friend has done both of the above and you still did not receive the referral money in your wallet, it might be due to technical error. In such a case please write to [email protected] stating your problem or simply give a call to our customer care number 0124-6688333. Your issue will be resolved at the earliest.