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Reliance Jio is soon coming out with a Smart car solution through launch of a OBD device and JioCarConnect Mobile App. This both combined together will turn your ordinary car into a complete Smart Car which has internet and all other information regarding your car at your fingertips.
reliance jio car connect device hardware
The Jio Company is also developing a jio car connect OBD service. The Jio Car Connect is an OBD serive. This is hardware device that the user needs to plug in the car’s OBD port and also Jio Car Connect mobile app connected. the hardware device look like dongle, and also you insert the sim card slot. once the Reliance Jio 4G SIM card inserted into this slot or device and the device is connected the car OBD port a WIFI hotspot. yes you can use this Hotspot in your mobile, laptop and etc. this hotspot you can access jio apps like Jio Music, Jio Cinema, Jio TV, etc on the go. you can make free voice and video call with using the Jio Join app
Jio Car Connect App

Jio Car Connect Mobile App Benifits :-

Through the Jio car connect. you can use remotely like the AC can be switched ON when you started walking towards the parking lot.┬áThis app provides all vital information like oil stats, water levels, fuel info, battery change alerts, etc. on the user’s Smartphone app.

  1. Using This App you can Track Car Location
  2. You Check Available Fuel
  3. You Check Car Speed Live
  4. You Check Car Temperature
  5. You Check Battery Info
  6. You Check Distance From your location
  7. This App Check Anywhere But when you connected internet connection


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