Snapdeal Gone in 10 Min Unbox Jaw-Dropping Sale

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Snapdeal 5 deals at Jaw-dropping prices @ 5PM. now Snapdeal is offering 5 deals at Jaw-dropping prices @5PM today.

How to Avail 5 deals at Jaw-dropping prices @5PM today?

  1. Visit Snapdeal Gone in 10  (Try from 4.45)
  2. Add product to cart
  3. Login or register
  4. Update or select shipping details
  5. Pay

There’s a treasure hunt waiting!

  • WTH? What about the rules of the game?: Rules? Already? Really? Oh C’mon! Alright! FINE! Come back at 4:45pm to find out.
  • When does the treasure hunt begin?: At 5pm, of course!
  • How long will the crazy deal prices be available?: Till stocks last!
  • How many crazy deals can I grab?: All 5! – Damnnnn! You’re lucky, if you do!
  • Can I win/buy more than 1 of each?:Ooops! Don’t be selfish! Give others a chance too!

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Aamer Husaini

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