Trick to Buy LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV Script Flash Sale Flipkart

First Time E-Commerce Website LeTV Smart TV Launch in Flash Sale. LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV only on Flipkart Flash Sale on August 26th , 12 Noon.  Registration is open. LeTV Launched A New Awesome Smart TV Series LeEco Super3 X55, Registration Is Open For First Sale On 26th August At 12 Noon. This TV Is Not Available On Other E-Commerce Website. LeTV fans, you know you want this! Below we have given a trick and method to buy LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV from Flipkart successfully in respective Flash Sales which is being held on 17th of August 2016 on the sites. Script to Buy LeEco Super3 X55 on Flipkart will be add on 26 August 2016.
Trick to Buy LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV Script Flash Sale Flipkart

How To Buy LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV From Flipkart In Flash Sale :-

  1. Visit LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV Sale Page    [ Sale 17th August]
  2. Add To Cart As Sale Goes Live
  3. Login/Register
  4. Select Shipping Details
  5. Make Final Payment With In Minute 
    Trick to Buy LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV Script Flash Sale Flipkart

How to Buy 3 Easy Step Using Flash Sale App :-

  1. Download and Install Flash Sale Android App
  2. Click on Top Right Side
  3. Login Flipkart Account
  4. than visit 26th august before sale 5 min
  5. click on LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV
  6. Auto added in your cart
  7. Select the Preferred device 5 mins before the sale.

Tips to beat the Rush!

  • Use the latest chrome browser for the best result.
  • Use the fastest and stable internet connection available to you.


Necessary Requirements for Script to work perfectly !!

  1. Use latest Google Chrome browser for best result.
  2. Synchronize your system time with internet.
  3. To do so simply right click on Date and Time present in bottom right corner on Taskbar.
  4. Then click on “Adjust date/time”, a popup box will appear.
  5. Click on “Internet Time” tab and then click on “Change Settings”.
  6. Tick mark on “Synchronize with an Internet Time Server”.
  7. Choose “” from dropdown menu.
  8. Finally click on “Update Now” button and click on Ok.
  9. Make sure to have a good internet speed. Activate any 3G plan for best result.
  10. Close all background updates.

How to use LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV Script

  • Clicking Here to go to Flipkart LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV countdown timer page.

Note: For a safe side, open above link in two tabs, apply script in one tab and click manually in second tab.

  • Now after completely loading of page, right click anywhere on the page.
  • Now click on “Inspect Element” shown last in the options. Or else you can also press Ctrl + Shift + I.
  • A popup window will appear from bottom.
  • Their you will find a “Console” tab, click on it.
  • Paste the above given LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV script in the box. (Ctrl + V)
  • Finally hit on Enter button (Keyboard) approx. 5 minutes before sale.
  • Now wait for the script to do its work of adding LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV to your cart.
  • After successful adding LeEco Super3 X55 Smart TV to cart, go ahead for payment procedure.
Product Description
Grab some popcorn and call your friends over for an enchanting movie marathon at home with the Super3 X55. Now, the entire gang will be able to clearly see all the filmy action from the couch as this TV features a host of visual enhancement technologies and a 178-degree viewing angle.
Where Technology Meets Art
A Brand New High-performance Chip
There are five distinct, advanced technologies which make the Super3 X55 masterful when it comes to accurate image processing and reproduction: a 6A928 4K TV chip, a 1.4-GHz Cortex A17 quad-core processor, a Mali T760MP4 GPU, a MACE-Pro4 UC+ picture engine and a 4K hardware decoder for HEVC/H.265 videos at 60 FPS.
40% CPU Performance Improvement
The 1.4-GHz Cortex A17 quad-core processor plays an integral part when it comes to this TV’s superior visual experience as it features advanced computing capabilities and it processes data at a high rate.
Quad-core GPU
Now, playing games on your gaming console will be all the more delightful as this TV boasts an ARM Mali-T760 GPU. A 28-nm manufacturing process, silicon-proven Midgard architecture, a fill rate of 11.2 Gpixels/s and an operating frequency that can reach clock speeds of up to 695 MHz make for stunning graphics and impeccable visual detailing. To top it off, the GPU consumes very little power too.
Decoder For HEVC/H.265 Video At 60 FPS
LeTV’s H.265 technology reduces the size of files by up to 50% while keeping the original resolution and quality intact, making video playback smooth. An in-built video processor hard decodes most video formats. The processor also supports HEVC/H.265 decoding at a resolution of up to 1080p and at a frame rate of up to 60 FPS. If your internet connection is quick enough, you can seamlessly stream 4K videos online.
The Faster eMMC 5.0 Standard
An eMMC 5.0 memory chip enhances this TV’s multitasking capabilities and the rate at which it transfers data. The chip has a density of 8 GB and it adopts a 16-nm FinFET process to improve writing speeds by up to 25% and random reading speeds by up to 53% when compared to its predecessors.
Realistic Picture, Real-life Experience
From luscious landscapes to post-apocalyptic worlds, you can discover the true beauty of entertainment on this TV’s 4K UHD display. Thanks to its 4K TV chip, it renders images at a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, which is four times better than standard 1080p quality.
Never Miss a Detail
Even if you’re viewing the screen from an extreme angle of up to 178 degrees, you’ll be able to see all the on-screen action clearly, thanks to the in-plane switching (IPS) panel of this TV.
Vivid Colour & Captivating Details
Even if television signals are being transmitted across long distances, Super3 X55’s MACE_PRO4 UC+ picture engine greatly reduces signal noise to ensure that the finer details of your favourite flicks aren’t lost.
Sharp Image Even During Fast-motion Scenes
LeTV’s FRUC (Frame Rate Up-conversion) technology places frames between consecutive frames from the original signal to ensure a blur-free video progression. So, even fast-paced scenes will be sharp and clear. This TV’s in-built Novatek chip comes with MEMC (Motion Estimation/Motion Enhancement) technology which processes and manages colours masterfully.
Here’s What’s In Stock For You
For a period of two years, you gain exclusive access to premium, live-TV content with LeTV’s Super3 X55. Thanks to the YuppTV app, you can choose from up to 117 channels on which you can watch trending TV shows and exciting flicks. These include a wide range of English, Hindi and regional channels, so all your family members can indulge in their favourite entertainment. Sony, Mtunes and Jaya TV are but three of the nine channels that you can experience in compelling HD. What’s more is, you’ll be able to catch fresh film releases on this TV, so you won’t have to worry about missing certain films in the theatre. To top it all off, you can experience electrifying concerts and many English soaps on this TV’s magnificent screen too.
Powerful EUI Android-based Operating System
Powered by Android 5.0, LeTV’s new EUI offers a smooth and intuitive user experience. Its new framework ensures that this TV’s system performs optimally while putting less of a burden on the RAM.
Clean Design & Easy-to-use Interface
The neat and intuitive menu doesn’t just look good, it also makes managing your files and applications much easier.
APP New Experience
Thanks to the Le Live app, you can access your favourite shows or popular content effortlessly.
Advanced Lag-free Performance
A powerful ARM Cortex A17 CPU and a Mali T760 GPU enable a frame rate of 60 FPS, making transitions between frames seamless. Now, you can witness every high-octane car chase in glitch-free detail.
Your Very Own EUI 5.5 Based on Android 5.0
With the user-specific EUI 5.5 OS, you can access the Le Ecosystems feature and explore content that’s categorized under titles like Games desktop, Kids desktop, Shopping desktop, etc. This feature also suggests and presents specific content to you based on your interests. As it is user-specific, the content it presents is tailored to each user, so your entire family can get in on the entertainment madness.
Super-slim Design
The contemporary look of the Super3 X55 makes it the ideal centrepiece for your living room. A brushed aluminium metal bezel encompasses the screen’s anodic-oxide-coated, diamond-cut bevelled edges, making this TV sturdy and sophisticated. Though, what truly makes this TV futuristic is the cloud-shaped base which almost makes it a work of modern art.
Mesmerizing Fourth Gen Stereo Magic System
This TV features a set of six high-quality mid and high-frequency speakers that are complemented by Dolby audio and DTS Premium Sound effects. Add deep bass into the equation and the result is an immersive, dual-channel audio experience.
The Super Remote
The Super Remote makes multiple means of navigation available to you. For a more traditional mode, you can use the classic, four-direction tactile keys. Alternatively, you could point and select options on this TV with the remote as it comes with a gyro sensor. The remote also features an in-built mic, so you could also use simple voice commands (currently it only recognizes mandarin) to get the job done. What’s more is, you can use the remote as a gamepad or a controller for the many devices that are connected to this TV.
Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi Standard
This TV supports the 802.11ac wireless networking standard which features Mu-MIMO technology. So, your TV can access the internet wirelessly at transfer rates of up to 866 Mbps. A beamformer algorithm ensures that a strong signal is maintained with attached devices. In addition, you’ll barely face any interference on the 5-GHz band.
Bluetooth 4.0
Use the BLE 4.0 feature to connect your Bluetooth headphones or gaming console to this TV and experience entertainment wirelessly without disturbing your neighbours.
HDMI 2.0 Inputs For 4K UHD Resolution
Each of the Super3 X55’s three HDMI ports support transfer rates of up to 18 Gbps and are capable of transmitting UHD signals at frame rates of up to 60 FPS. You no longer need separate S/PDIF audio connections for a rich sound as this TV’s Audio Return Channel (ARC) port sends audio from the TV to a sound output device via a single HDMI connection. Thanks to the MHL 2.0 micro USB port, you can experience 4K videos that are stored on portable storage devices in all their splendour.
Multiple Ports For Various Inputs
The Super3 X55 is compatible with a wide range of devices, such as gaming consoles, cable TV boxes, Blu-Ray/DVD players and computers.
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