GoKrazee Refer and Earn Free Recharge Click a selfie and get free recharge

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GoKrazee Refer and Earn Free Recharge, GoKrazee Reward Challenge

How to get Free Recharge with GoKrazee App :-

  1. Download GoKrazee App
  2. Signup Enter Your details
  3. Enter Otp 
  4. Create Password

How to Refer and Earn GoKrazee :-

Find Challenges and Accept it
Take a Swim
Drint a can of coke in 10 Sec

Eat 4 biscuits
Eat four biscuits in 10 Sec

T-shirt from nike
Show off your favourite T-shirt

Earn Rewards
Take a Swim
You are rewarded with Rs movie Voucher & don’t forget  your freein app recharge of Rs 10

GoKrazee is a platform to accept short selfie & video challenges, complete them and get free brand offers + free in app mobile recharge.
“Are You ready to Discover, Explore and Experience Yourself”

GoKrazee Lets You:
Gamify your real world experiences through selfie & video challenges that you can accept, complete and share with your friends making it a fun, interactive and rewarding experience for you.
How do I get started?
Download the app,and get a Sign up bonus of Rs 5
Click on the challenge icon and pick from the list of selfie & video challenges that have been specially set for you. Please pick your favorite selfie & video challenges that also have free brand offers + recharge credits.
Use the info icon symbol to go through the terms & conditions (If applicable).
Once you have zeroed in on a selfie or video challenge that you like, simply click on the video or camera icon and complete the challenge (It could be a selfie or a 10 second video). We only allow 10 second videos.
Once your challenge is completed it will appear on your home feed.
The free brand offer will be sent to you via SMS and Email (so ensure to provide a valid email id).
Use the recharge credit that you have earned to recharge your mobile using Selfiecharge.
How many challenges can I take in a day?
You are allowed to take up to 10 selfie or video challenges in a day.
If you have any challenges that you would like to suggest write in to [email protected] we like your challenge not only will we reward you, but you become the owner of that challenge Title.
Ehatesham Huseni

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