Slonkit Promo / Referral Code and Get Free Rs 100

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A solution for those who don’t have credit card or face problems paying online.

Slonkit Promo / Referral Code :- AAM0SPUU

 Slonkit Add Rs 200 and Get Rs 300

Now Get a Debit card Delivered to your Address for Free. It can also work with facebook or some ad networks. While sign up, use referral code:
Use  and Get Rs100 Bonus.
Order your Debit card to your Address Free of Cost. It will be delivered within 7 days. You can use the card at ANY INDIAN OUTLET online or offline. No need of any bank account link !! grin emoticon


How to order a Virtual Card for yourself ?

  1. Download Slonkit App from here 
  2. Open the app and click on “Register
  3. Now enter your name, mobile number etc and CONTINUE
  4. slonkit create a new account
  5. On the next page, enter referral code – AAM0SPUU
  6. slonkit create a referral code
  7. Now verify your mobile number and your account will be successfully created !!slonkit successful account
  8. Now click on “Get Card”
  9. Enter your address details where you want the card to be delivered
  10. Finally on next page, enter Rs.200 in amount and make the payment.
  11. You need to add minimum Rs.200 in your Slonkit card, then only you will get Rs.100 extra. 
  12. Now enter any amount which you want the card to come loaded with and click on “Pay Later”. We are not sure what this “Pay Later” option works and how will they take the payment afterwards. So we suggest that you order it with minimum amount as possible.

slonkit order a card in 3 easy steps

  1. Now click on top left icon >> Slonkit Rewards >> You will see Rs 100 which can be redeemed after you get the card 
  2. Now the card will be delivered to you within 7 days at your doorsteps
  3. Now use the card wherever you want like on Paytm, Freecharge etc slonkit card order
  4. Enjoy !!

How to refer and Earn ?

slonkit refer and earn
  1. Click on top left icon >> Invite & Earn 
  2. Copy your referral code and share it with your friends
  3.  If your friend downloads the app and uses your referral code while registering and orders a card, he will get Rs 100 in his account and you will get Rs 100 once he loads money in the card
Enjoy !!

Terms & Conditions:-

  1. Offer valid till 31st March, 2016 
  2. Referral amount of Rs 100 will be credited to you and to the non-Slonkit user being referred, after the latter successfully orders a Slonkit card and uses your referral code during registration on Slonkit 
  3. Referral amount can be redeemed only when the referee does the first load

How to Get :- 

  1. Download Slonkit App
  2. Fill it with 200rs so that you can start using it well. You will get 100rs extra if you use referral code .  AAM0SPUU
  3.  I just installed it so I am still waiting for activation of card which takes 2 days !!

Let’s teach our children a lifelong lesson – Money Management.

Yes, now there is a money management app for teenagers young adults. Welcome to Slonkit!

One of the biggest concerns parents face today is that children do not understand the value of money and that they mindlessly spend their pocket money. How do we fix this and usher in a new change among the next generation? How do we help them grow into responsible adults who believe in spending wisely and saving for tomorrow? The answer is Slonkit.

Help your child become a responsible adult.

Slonkit is a prepaid card powered by VISA and DCB Bank. It works just like a debit card and is linked to the Slonkit mobile app using which parents can transfer money to kids (youngsters aged 10 and above). The app enables parents to guide their children in their money habits, set budgets for them, help them evaluate their own expenditures and most importantly teach them how to save.

Happy children. Happy parents.

Slonkit has an array of features that will make both parents’ and kids’ lives a lot easier. Children can analyse their expenses, set savings goals, get exciting deals on food, movies, shopping etc. , and even split bills easily with a group of friends. Whereas parents can sit back and relax, get regular updates and notifications, and, of course, watch their children grow into responsible young adults!

So, are you ready to teach your children an important life lesson?

Let’s get Slonkiting! 

Hello, check out Slonkit ? the smarter way to spend and save more. Use my promo code AAM0SPUU to earn Rs. 100 in your Slonkit account, which can be used anywhere – online or offline. Download and discover more at

Slonkit is a prepaid card powered by VISA and DCB Bank. It works just like a debit card and is linked to the Slonkit mobile app using which parents can transfer money to kids (youngsters aged 10 and above) 

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