Wooplr Promo Code AAMEA – Refer your friends and get free Gift voucher

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1000 miles = Rs 1000 voucher of forever21.com Here you will see your referral code, share this referral code with your friends. Once your friend downloads wooplr app and uses your referral code, he will get 50 miles and you get 20 miles.

How to Get Wooplr Promo Code and Gift Voucher :

  1. Download Wooplr App from here 
  2. Now open the app and click on “Skip” >> “Get Started”Now enter the referral code – “AAMEA” and click on “Apply”. 
  3. Using this referral code, you will get 50 miles.
  4. Now login with your facebook or google account
  5. Now set up your profileThat’s it !! Your account will be created now.
  6. Now to refer your friends, click on “Gift Box” on the top and click on “Invite your friends
How to Redeem Miles

  • Once you have 1000 miles, click on “Redeem Miles” 
  • Now here you will be able to redeem your miles for a shopping voucher worth Rs 1000 of forever21.com
  • Visit forever21.com hereAdd desired product to your cartEnter promo code which you got from WooplrMake the rest of the payment if any 
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