Ryde by Ibibo Referral Code | Ryde by Ibibo Free Ride Rs 400

Ryde by Ibibo Referral Code and Get Free Ryde worth Rs 400 and Enjoy Free Ryde
Ryde by Ibibo Referral Code | Ryde by Ibibo Free Ride Rs 400

Ryde by Ibibo Referral Code :

Ryde by Ibibo Referral Code TSZK23
Using Referral Code Get Free Rs 400
Earn per Referral Rs 400
Invite a Friend program Only For App
Ryde by Ibibo Redeem Point Use 100%
Referral Code :- TSZK23

How to Get :-

  1. Download Ryde By Ibibo App Android and iOS
  2. Login with Facebook
  3. Enter Referral Code :-  TSZK23 Enter Ryde by Ibibo Referral Code and Get Free Ride
  4. go to Offers & Free Rydes You will Free Ryde

Passengers need to fill in a few details like travel route and time among others and submit, following which a list of drivers offering rides for the selected route is provided to the passenger. They need to select a particular driver, select the preferred seat and make payment, after which they can chat with the driver to decide a pick-up location. On the other hand, drivers need to enter details like starting point, final destination and price per seat and publish the ride. On receiving passenger requests, drivers can select the ones they like and at the end of the journey the money is transferred to their account.
Ryde allows users to check verified member profiles, send messages before or after booking requests, send chat messages, and real-time tracking of the driver and vehicle among others. Drivers can create custom preferences on waiting time, detour, luggage size, music, and smoking among others. The app is currently available for Android and iOS.

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