Oxigen Wallet Loot : Share and Earn Recharge

 250% Cashback :- Get Rs. 50 Cashback On Sending Rs. 20 To Your Friends (Max Rs 500)

Oxigen Wallet Loot : Share and Earn Recharge

Hello Guys , We are going to share with you another wallet offer and This time we share with you Oxigen wallet offer .In this offer Send 10 Rs you 2 friends and Get rs 50 Cash In your oxigen wallet .It means if you send Rs 200 to your Friends you will Get Rs 500 Cash in oxigen wallet. 
Guys after paytm wallet,Oxigen also wants to promote his wallet service so he comes with this cool offer.From sending money with oxigen wallet you can also win more gifts like -Royal Enfield,I-phone ,titan watch etc. So Now going to tell you Whole process how to get this deal.


Steps To get Rs 50 to Rs 500 Cash Back From Oxigen Wallet :-

  • Download oxigen app(only app) works for old or new users. (Download From Here)
  • Now make account and verify mobile and email or login with your detail.
  • Now load some money From Payment option.
  • Send air talk time to your two unique friends (minimum 10 rupees each) when they accept the air talk time you will get cash back.
  • After Seven days you will get Rs 50 rupees in your oxigen wallet.
  • Now if You want to earn Rs 500 then send Rs 10 to your 20 Friends and Get Rs 500 cash back.

Special Note :-

If You do’t have a friend on Oxigen wallet to receive the money. Then you can send Your balance on this number ,We accept it within 6 hours and you get Rs 50. So send Your Money 9156069377 and we receive very soon .

Terms and Conditions :-

  1. Applicable For both new and old users.
  2. Valid only for oxigen app.
  3. Minimum Sending amount is Rs 10 to get this offer.
  4. After Seven days you will get Rs 50 rupees in your oxigen wallet.
  5. you can send air talk time to your friends and get maximum amount of rupees 500 in your account.
  6. For Full terms and condition visit Oxigen website.
  7. The GiftAirtime offer expires on 15th April .
  8. Source of this offer oxigen fb page.

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