Snapdeal Invite Code : Free Snapdeal Cash Rs. 50

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Snapdeal is one of the biggest online shopping network across India. As compared to Flipkart, snapdeal always offer products at lower prices. To target mobile app users and maximize profit, snapdeal is now looking for “refer and earn” program. Using this referral program, you can earn unlimited sd cash! Let us take a closer look at this awesome deal.
Snapdeal Invite Code : Free Snapdeal Cash Rs. 50

Snapdeal is offering Snapdeal free credits on downloading its official app on your mobile. Not even this on referring your friends through Snapdeal Invite Code, you will get credits again in your account. You can earn the maximum of 500 SD cash in your account and offer valid only for first time download can get this offer .

How To Get Instant Rs. 50 Snapdeal Cash Enter Snapdeal Invite Code :

  • Go to Snapdeal App on your mobile
  • Login or signup to your account snapdeal account .
  • Then go to menu and apply Snapdeal Invite Code :


  • You will get Rs 50 free SD cash and 50 per referral .
  • Snapdeal Cash in your account will expire in 30 days .

 Free Snapdeal Sd Cash

Download Snapdeal App & sign in using invite code


to get Rs.50 (only on first time download). Simply click


Terms and conditions-

1. To get Rs 50, user should be new on snapdeal and should be installing snapdeal app for first time not installing and then reinstalling the app. Mobile number should be new.
2. Invited and invitee email ids should not be same
3. The SD Cash earned through program will have a validity of 30 days. So make sure you use it within 30 days.
4. To get Rs 50, the friend’s mobile number should not be used to order on snapdeal app or claiming invite reward earlier
5. Offer only for android and windows phone users.

About Snapdeal AppShare & Snapdeal Invite Code :


What is Snapdeal AppShare & Snapdeal Invite Code ?

Snapdeal AppShare is the easiest way to share your favourite app with your friends and family. By sharing the app, you also earn money which can be used to shop on Snapdeal Shopping App. To start off, you need to download the Snapdeal app / upgrade your existing Snapdeal app. Next, invite your friends & family to download the app by sharing a simple invite code with them. For every person who downloads the Snapdeal app through your invite, you earn Rs. 50 while your friend earns Rs. 50. Sharing and Savings, both are now in your hands!

What is snapdeal invite code?

It is a special code shared by your friend to invite you to join Snapdeal app users community. Use this code when using the Snapdeal app for the first time to earn monetary reward.

Whom can I invite?

You can invite anyone whom you want to gift Rs. 50 along with the power to save money while shopping on Snapdeal App. In the process, you also earn Rs. 50 for every successful installation through your app share invite. However, the Rs. 50 reward is available only when the person installing the Snapdeal app for the first time and hence is a new Snapdeal app user.

How can I invite?

Inviting friends is as simple as sharing a link. Just go to the Snapdeal AppShare section of your favourite Snapdeal App. Sign up or sign in and select from many available options to share – Facebook / WhatsApp / SMS / Email / Others. Click on any of the options and just follow the process. Voila! You have just invited your friends to the world of Savings through Snapdeal App.

Who is eligible for invite reward?

Anyone who has a smartphone (Android, iOS or Windows) and a mobile number can earn invite reward. Mobile number is used for one-time validation using standard One Time Password method.

How to earn invite reward?

Install the Snapdeal app and simply apply the invite code shared by your friend in the invite message while signing up. Next, verify your mobile number using the one time password and sign up/sign in. Your account is immediately credited with SD cash Rs. 50. However, please note that the invite reward is available only to first time Snapdeal App users.

How do I use the invite reward?

Your reward is stored in the SD cash section of your account. Whenever you are making a purchase on Snapdeal using the app, just enter the amount of SD cash that you want to spend, and the same will be deducted from the final purchase amount.

Will my invite reward cash be there forever?

The SD Cash earned via Snapdeal AppShare will remain in your account for 30 days. Post 30 days, the cash will expire. So, shop soon to get maximum benefits

I was invited but did not get reward. Why?

You will receive your invite reward when the following conditions are met:

  • You are installing the Snapdeal app on your smartphone for the first time.
  • Your mobile number has not been used to order on snapdeal app or for claiming invite reward earlier.
  • You are using your sign-in for the first time to claim invite reward
I have fulfilled all the three conditions above still I am not eligible for reward. Why? System does not allow invitee and invited email Ids to be same, this will make user ineligible for reward.
I had invited my friends to download but I did not get the reward even after their download. Why?

  • You will receive your invite reward when the following conditions are met: Your invited friend has installed Snapdeal app on his / her smartphone for the first time.
  • Your friend’s mobile number has not been used to order on Snapdeal app or for claiming invite reward earlier.
  • Your friend is using his / her sign-in for the first time to claim invite reward.

I had invited so many friends to download but I did not get the reward for all of them. Why?

You can invite unlimited number of friends to download Snapdeal app through Appshare. Everyone would be warmly welcomed to the world of great savings on Snapdeal App. However your invite reward of Rs. 50 per successful download is limited to first 10 downloads only i.e. maximum invite reward for inviting people to download the Snapdeal app per individual is Rs. 500

How will my friend, whose referral code I used for signup, earn SD Cash?

Once you download and signup using your friend’s referral code, you immediately get invite reward and the same happens for your friend as well.

My friend, who is an iphone user, is unable to get the invite reward. Why?

We have currently launched the Snapdeal Appshare program only for Android and Windows’ handsets. We will soon introduce the same for IOS as well. Keep watching this space for updates.

Is there a Snapdeal AppShare program on the web?

We don’t have a Snapdeal Appshare program on the Web. Hence, you won’t be able to refer any new friends from the Web. AppShare is exclusive for App, so start sharing. .

I had referred my friend from app. Can he sign up on web using my new referral code?

No, he cannot. We request you to refer via the Snapdeal App only, as this is the Snapdeal App Referral program. Ask your friends to use your referral code via your referral link so that both you and your friend earn the benefits. We give benefits if your friend signs in on Snapdeal’s mobile app

I had SD cash in my account, but now my account shows zero balance. Why?

Snapdeal reserves the right to freeze your SD Cash account if any misuse is observed from your end. So, refer carefully and enjoy the benefits!!

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