TrueBalance Loot Free Rs 20 Recharge + Refer and earn Rs 20

TrueBalance Loot Free Rs 20 Recharge + Refer and earn Rs 10

TrueBalance Loot Offer get Free Rs 20 Recharge and Refer and earn per referral Rs 10 when You Enter TrueBalance Invitation Link

TrueBalance Invitation Link :-

TrueBalance Loot Free Rs 20 Recharge + Refer and earn Rs 10

True Balance Offer
Signup Bonus Rs 20
Per Referral Rs 20
Emergency Loan Rs 10
True Balance Invitation Link
True Balance Recharge Valid for all over India Now

How to get :-

  1. Get Free Rs 20 Recharge + Refer and earn Rs 10 per Refferal. ( valid for all over india now )
  2. Download Truebalance app From below link
  3. Sign in you will Get Rs 10 joining bonus.
  4. Now if Balance in Your Sim is less then 10 you can Take Rs 10 loan also.
  5. So you will Get Rs 20 Recharge for Free.
  6. Refer Friends and Earn Rs 10 per Refferal
  7. Minimum Redemption Rs 10 only


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(Updated on 22/Mar/2016)

Welcome to True Balance App Offer. We are glad that you are a part of it now. The True Balance App for Android (“True Balance” or “we”) has rewards programs (“Promo”, “Promotion” or “offer”) such as PlayPull Rewards Program(“PlayPull” or “offer”) or Referral Rewards Program (“Invite&Earn” or “offer”) allow registered True Balance users (each a “True Balance User”, “You”, “User”, “Referrer”, or “Participants”) earn True Balance Points(“Points”) or Coins(“Coins”) which can be used in True Balance Recharge System (“Wallet” or “Emergency Loan”). To participate, True Balance Users must agree to these terms and conditions.



True Balance Users can earn Wallet Points towards future qualifying True Balance offers if(each a “Reward”): (i) a Referred friend clicks on their referral link to create a valid True Balance account that complies with our Terms of Use, (ii) completing the Sign-up process(“Register”, “Registration” or “Sign-up”), or (iii) exchanging bonus rewards(“Coin”) earned from PlayPull Rewards Program. To redeem points given to you, you should visit True Balance and use Wallet or Emergency Loan.



Referred friends(each a “New User”, “Referred”, “Participants”) that have registered for a True Balance account using a valid referral link will also receive Rewards for registration (the “New User Credit”). The New User Credit will be credited to the new user’s account in Wallet after completing the Registration and entering the referral link (“Referral Link”, “Link”, “Invite”, “Invite Link”, “Invitation” or “Invitation Link”) shared by the original Referrer to redeem.

Redeeming Referral Rewards

Each Referred User must redeem the Invite Link, by entering the link in the True Balance app if the system were failed to read it automatically, and complete the registration. Referral Rewards can be applied to the True Balance User’s next recharging or top-up in Wallet and upon expiration will be removed from the True Balance User’s account. Referral Points and New User Credits may not be (i) transferred or exchanged for any cash or money or (ii) earned by creating multiple True Balance accounts. Referral Points and New User Credits accrued in multiple True Balance accounts may not be combined into one True Balance account.

Sharing Referrals

Referrals should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes and should only be shared with personal connections. Referral links should not be published or distributed where there is no reasonable basis for believing that all or most of the recipients are personal friends (such as coupon or cheating websites, personal blogs, Reddit, or Quora). Referrals shall not be made through the use of spamming tactics.

Multiple Referrals

A Referred may only use one referral link. If a referred friend receives referral links from multiple True Balance Users, only the corresponding True Balance User of the referral link actually used by the Referred when setting up a True Balance account will receive a Referral Points.

  1. True Balance User who signed up for a new True Balance account must redeem the referral link to get referral rewards. Each Referred User that redeems the referral link will automatically get: (i) Rs.10 as Registration Reward using Invitation Link, and (ii) Rs.10 as the Welcome Reward in Emergency Loan.
  2. To get Reward, please make sure that the mobile device and mobile number are not registered with True Balance before.
  3. Referrer will get rewards as Invite&Earn Reward if True Balance confirms New User, who had received the invitation message, downloaded it via the unique link and completed the registration process in True Balance.
  4. All Participants will win Referral Reward when Referred User completes the Registration & Redemption process.



“Emergency Loan” means the digital voucher given to Users. It is only redeemable if Users meet special requirements for this program. Users must understand the terms and conditions that go along with Emergency Loan.

  1. To avail Emergency Loan worth Rs.10; (i) the main balance of Participant’s prepaid mobile account should be less than Rs.20, and (ii) Points in Wallet should be less than Rs.10.
  2. Emergency Loan may be activated only if (i) you have referred True Balance to New User, and (ii) the New User completes the Sign-up process.
  3. True Balance User can avail Emergency Loan multiple times if participant follows above-mentioned process.



A True Balance User may, from time to time, earn designated bonus rewards (“Coin”), by participating in an in-app promotion (“PlayPull Rewards Program”). PlayPull Rewards Program, which is given to only limited registered users randomly chosen.

Applicable Coin available to be earned by checking balance in True Balance. Coin, the bonus rewards from PlayPull Rewards Program, cannot be used for recharging directly. True Balance User can redeem Coin against Wallet Point only. Coin cannot be exchanged for cash. Coin earned as a result of fraudulent activities are null and void. True Balance may correct PlayPull Rewards Program shown as credited to a True Balance User at any time.



  1. To participate in promotions, True Balance Users must make sure that you are using the latest version of True Balance. Any True Balance User who used an outdated version to participate in offers is not eligible to get Rewards.
  2. The offers are only valid for Prepaid SIM(“Prepaid Number” or “Prepaid SIM”) users.
  3. The offers are only valid for limited regions in India. For more details, please visit
  4. The offers are available from 22 March 2016.
  5. Referral Reward and Exchanged Coin will be added to Wallet as Points. Coin, Reward or Points will not be exchanged as cash. Coin, Reward or Points is nontransferable. Wallet Points will be used for recharging or top-up Participant’s mobile through True Balance App.
  6. True Balance may change, suspend or terminate promotions or a user’s ability to participate in promotions at any time for any reason. Requirements and Rewards may also change at any time. “추가: Without any prior notice”
  7. Points or Coins earned as a result of fraudulent activities are null and void. We reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove referrals if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive or fraudulent. We reserve the right to review and investigate all activities and to suspend accounts or cancel or modify as we deem fair and appropriate. Non-fraudulent accrued Points and Coins are not affected by suspension or termination of promotions or a user’s participation.
  8. Feel free to ask us if you’re facing any issue regarding promotions at [email protected]

Please note that this page contains Terms & Conditions of the current promotions in True Balance App. If you are looking for the previous promotions’ Terms & Conditions, please click here to visit.

Thank you.

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