Download Modi Keynote Scan the 500 or 2000 rs notes to view Modi message on Black Money

Download Narendra Modi (NM) App & Share Your Opinion New Currency

Modi Ka Note APK Download How to Find Rs 500 & Rs 1000 Note Video to view modi message on black money. Just download the Modi Keynote Android application and scan the 500 or 2000 rs notes to view Modi message on Black Money. Note: This app is just for fun. Not intended to check whether fake or original note. We want to pass the message given by Modi to more people with help of new technology.

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Modi KeyNote App is a Prank Not a Genuine App Fake

Download Apk File (Google Drive Link) :-

Click Here and Download Modi KeyNote APK File

Disclaimer : For entertainment Purposes Only

How to Find Modi Messeage When you scan the Rs 500 or Rs 2000 :-

  1. Click Here & Download Modi KeyNote (Play Store Deleted This App) | Modi KeyNote Apk
  2. Install & Open Modi KeyNote App
  3. Than Scan the Note
  4. You will See Modi Message on Black Money

How to Use Modi KeyNote App Video Tutorial :- 



  1. Good. Ít shows not only our advancement in the field of IT but also tread to the fake máker.

  2. Ek mobile ma photo padi ane pachi second mobile ma app. Use karata app. Ma same features lagu rese

    Try it At home

  3. An innovative app – but Mr. Modi video is part of the app and not on the currency note(s). It works like this: the app has the images of each of the new notes and Mr Modi’s video already embedded in it – next: you download that app on your smartphone – next: you point your smartphone and scan one of the two new notes – next: the app compares the smartphone image of the new note with pre-embedded notes images on the app itself – next: the app successfully recognises one of the two notes it scans as identical with the pre-stored images – next: it plays Modi’s video – and hey presto, you think that the Modi speech is on the new bank note – – – alas, not true as the video is part of the app….not the bank note(s). Nevertheless, congratulations for his innovative app. (Notes: 1. Anyone can produce similar video with a totally different video (for example showing someone critical of the demonetisation)!! 2. Mr. Mody’s video was broadcast well after all the notes were printed – therefore, the video cannot ever be on the notes!!!) – Rajnikant Sanghavi (UK)

  4. This apps don’t better for people. Just only a excitement.But listent lecture of modi ji, so it’s good.

  5. Modi Gi mai yahi kahana chahta hu ki aap ham logo me pita Gi ke tarah hai aur pita apane putar ke liye kuchh galat to nahi soch sakate hai eas liye ham spake sath hai modi Gi modi gi